Selling Your Honolulu Home? Why Listing Your Home with Sean Sonoda Matters

Selling Your Honolulu Home? Why Listing Your Home with Sean Sonoda Matters

  • Sean Sonoda
  • 01/20/23

Homeowners throughout Hawaii are well-aware that the state is seeing a historic run of homes – and the increased prices to match it. The Honolulu Board of Realtors reports that the average price of a single-family dwelling in The Gathering Place skyrocketed to $1,150,000 this past year. This is a whopping 21.1% spike from 2021, and the desire to live in the happiest state in the nation is not dissipating any time soon (if ever). If you are considering selling your Honolulu home in the coming months or years, now is the prime time to list your property on the market.
A handful of homeowners may attempt to manage this sale on their own – some with the impression that it will equate to more money in their pockets. But as we head into a new year and a shifting real estate market across the nation, it is more vital than ever to work with a well-qualified and highly knowledgeable real estate agent.
And it should not be any Oahu realtor, mind you, but a devoted professional. Here is why listing your home with expert real estate agent Sean Sonoda matters.

Vast knowledge of Oahu

Dozens of newcomers to the islands witness, first-hand, just how lucrative the real estate sphere is and jump into it as their next profession – oftentimes without knowing the intricacies of living, buying, and selling in Hawaii.
Sean Sonoda was born on Oahu and raised on it, which has given him a thorough knowledge of the island’s nuances and people. He has a wealth of knowledge about Honolulu real estate market trends and will be able to speak with prospective buyers about the area with supreme ease and confidence.

Marketing prowess

Sean does not just understand that marketing is crucial for attracting a homeowner’s target buyer – he nails it. He works with top-notch real estate photographers who will capture images and videos of your home with utmost artistry, ensuring your home is promoted to its maximum potential. He also knows precisely where to reach viable buyers to make sure your home is seen by a broad swath of individuals.

Years of experience

Sean has over fifteen years of time in the real estate industry and understands the complexities that are involved in real estate transactions. He also has knowledge of other islands throughout Hawaii, in case you are planning to move to the quieter shores of Kauai, Maui, the Big Island–or even Molokai and Lanai–after selling your Honolulu home.

Negotiating skills

Negotiations are critical to ensuring your satisfaction as a home seller. At the moment, home sellers are at an advantage and may have more leverage over buyers. At the same time, Sean remains composed and compassionate to all parties involved to guarantee smooth, smart transactions.

Family values

Sean comes from a sizable ohana and knows what it is like to navigate the dynamics of a big family. This translates well to his profession, where he approaches every deal with his signature welcoming spirit, always exudes patience and understanding, and listens well to buyers' and sellers' concerns, needs, and desires. Few things please him more than helping people sell their homes to qualified, deserving families who are keen on finding their own wedge of the island.

Respected by the community

Honolulu may be home to more than one million residents, but it is nevertheless a close-knit community where reputation matters. Sean has enjoyed a long career in Oahu’s real estate scene and has earned respect from all sectors of the community.

Excellent connections

Given Sean’s commitment to and involvement with his community, he has accrued an extensive and impressive list of connections. Whether you need a general contractor to handle repairs and renovations to your home or you are searching for just the right professional home stager, he will connect you with the leading experts in Oahu. His reputation also ensures that the people he recommends will conduct their work in a timely, exceedingly professional manner.

Impressive portfolio

Sean’s portfolio is a testament to his dedication and diligence. From sprawling, multi-million dollar estates in Haleiwa to spacious family homes in Aiea–and from estates in Pearl City’s Pacific Palisades to gorgeous homes in Honolulu–he has handled a bevy of successful real estate transactions across the island.

Superb responsiveness

Sean knows how significant it is to sell your home and is compassionate throughout the process. Responding to phone calls, texts, and emails in a timely fashion is just one way he expresses his commitment to his clients. He will keep you informed throughout the selling process and advise you on decisions ranging from minor to substantial.

Award-winning dedication

Real estate is not a pastime for Sean – it is his passion. Not only will his clients attest to his devotion to his profession, but he has also been officially recognized: He is a multiple nominee for the prestigious Aloha Aina Realtor Award, which pays tribute to outstanding realtors in Hawaii.

Great organization

Both solo and with his team of professionals, Sean is highly organized. This streamlines your selling experience and reduces stress for all parties involved.

Remarkable patience

Patience is a skill and innate gift that often gets overlooked in our frenetic modern lives. Sean embodies the pace of the islands by spending time with his clients, getting to know their worries, wants, and requirements, and answering any and all questions that arise throughout the real estate process. He also takes pride in providing his clients with an education so that they have a clear understanding of everything that occurs throughout the transaction.
Book a consultation with Sean to see for yourself why he has received glowing testimonials and such a notable reputation throughout Hawaii. Not only can he assist you with finding the perfect buyer for your Honolulu home, but he can also assist you with locating your next residence – whether it is a piece of Kaneohe real estate or one of the new Honolulu beachfront homes for sale. You’re bound to have a wonderful, effortless experience with Sean as your partner.

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