8 Ways to Increase the Number of Offers on Your Home

8 Ways to Increase the Number of Offers on Your Home

  • Sean Sonoda
  • 10/6/22

While putting your home on the market can be an intimidating endeavor, we’re here to assure you that it doesn’t have to be. This is an exhilarating time that is rich with opportunities, providing you the chance to walk away with a handsome profit and giving an individual or family the residence of their dreams.

In order to achieve this ideal situation, however, having multiple offers is preferred. This will afford you the ability to opt not just for the highest bidder but also the buyer who presents contingencies you agree with and demonstrates the type of qualities you would like to see for the neighborhood you will be leaving.

With all of this in mind, expert realtor Sean Sonoda has compiled 8 of the top ways to increase the number of offers on your home–and turn selling your property into the exciting experience it should be.

Get a feel of the renovations typically seen in your neighborhood

Running an analysis of similar homes in your area–in terms of square footage, views, amenities, and overall condition–goes beyond garnering an understanding of what homes are selling for in your region. It will also provide you with insight into the extent of renovations your neighbors are conducting on their residences. Whether it is kitchen remodels or complete overhauls in landscaping, knowing what you are up against can inform the updates you may want to make to your home before you list it. It will also help you stand out from your competitors–and warrant multiple offers.

Undergo a pre-listing inspection

A pre-listing inspection can save you from realizing during negotiations that your roof needs to be replaced and your electrical system upgraded–and you will have to decrease the price of your home or furnish your buyer with a repair credit in order for them to move forward confidently. A certified inspector will give you a genuine comprehension of your home’s condition and also dictate the renovations you should make before it hits the market. What’s more? It will display honesty to prospective buyers, who will feel comfortable and pleased with your transparency on the home’s real value.

Resist the urge to overprice your home

Sellers have been on a streak in the past two years, with many homes not only receiving multiple offers but also selling well above their asking price. Indeed, Pacific Business Journal reports that four in ten Honolulu homes are selling above their listing number. This is thrilling, to be sure, but it can also compel homeowners to exploit it, pricing their homes at a higher cost than their comps. This can work against you, however, in that it may cause your home to sit on the market–an all too common dilemma for many homeowners that ultimately creates frustration and undermines their negotiating potential.

Bring a professional home stager on board

Purchasing a home entails plenty of logistical nuances, from the home’s foundation to its plumbing, but by and large multiple offers occur when a house looks irresistible. Your home may be in immaculate condition already, but an experienced, artistic professional home stager can take the image of your home to new heights–even if parts of it are pure illusion. Between rearranging furniture to “open up” rooms and offer a sense of spaciousness, accentuating your home’s finest features, and using decor that has far-reaching appeal, they can transform your home into a residence that will be coveted. Be sure to go with local recommendations, and ask to see the stager’s portfolio to ensure their style is congruent with the image you want to showcase.

Elevate your curb appeal

Buying a home frequently entails a good deal of thought and deliberation, but a prospective buyer’s immediate impression of your dwelling is extremely persuasive. To this end, you will want to ensure your home looks spectacular from the second buyers pull onto your street. For homes equipped with yards, ensure yours is well-groomed and features bright bursts of colorful blooms. Replace or refinish your mailbox if it appears worn. Paint your front door in an alluring shade, and consider doing the same with your shutters. Add timeless pieces of outdoor furniture to your entryway and ceramic pots filled with flourishing plants or flowers. Clean up any debris, and wash or replace your siding. All of these changes will uplevel your curb appeal and make buyers say “wow!” before even opening the front door.

Give your home an exclusive feel

People are naturally drawn to what they can’t have–or might be extremely fortunate to score. A broad open house might increase the number of people who see your home, certainly, but private and limited showings give a property an exclusive feel that is undeniably seductive.

Zero in on your marketing materials

It is impossible to receive multiple offers if there is scant knowledge about your property. Marketing is absolutely key in today’s competitive real estate world–even in the Honolulu real estate sphere where there is high demand and low inventory. This is especially true for luxury homes, whose typical buyer wants to invest not just in a home but in an altogether experience. Scout out a real estate agent with terrific marketing savvy–someone who will know not just how to market your home to its potential but also the best ways to reach and appeal to your target buyer.

Work with a first-rate realtor

Your efforts towards making your home as attractive as possible will only go so far without enlisting the assistance of an experienced and energetic realtor. Well-versed in the nuances, laws, and perpetual changes in the real estate market, they are your key to obtaining multiple–and stellar–offers.

For homeowners on Oahu, Sean Sonoda is your answer. The Oahu native has over 15 years of experience in helping people buy and sell homes on the island, knows Honolulu real estate trends inside and out, and brings his signature charisma and smarts to every single transaction. Whether you have a piece of Kaneohe real estate you’d like to list or are exploring Honolulu beachfront homes for sale, he is the pro to hire.

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